Google Sheets in Sync with DronaHQ Studio Sheets using Zapier

This article will show you how to keep Google sheets in sync with DHQ Sheets

Prerequisite - You should have configured Zapier with the DronaHQ Studio account. If not then refer Configuring Zapier.

In this example, consider a use case, where you will be using Google sheets for your daily needs but at the same time, you want those details to be added in DronaHQ Sheets.

Basically we will have a Create a Zap with Google Sheet as a Trigger and DronaHQ as Action. Below are the steps that you can follow to achieve the same -

  1. Login into Zapier

  2. Click on Make a Zap option

  3. Under Choose App & Event option, search and select " Google Sheet " option

  4. Select Trigger as - " New Spreadsheet Row "

  1. Under Choose Account , Select/Add your Google Account which has the Sheet which you want to sync.

  2. Select the Spreadsheet and worksheet which you want to Sync with DronaHQ Sheet as shown below.

  1. You can either select " Test & Review " or " Test & Continue " or " Skip Test ". Select " Test & Continue ".

  2. Google Sheet - New Sheet Row Trigger is configured successfully. Now, we need to connect this Google Sheet with DronaHQ Studio’s Sheet. Select the Dronahq app and Select “Create New Sheet Row” as an action as shown below and click on Continue.

  1. You can add an existing DronaHQ Account or Add a DronaHQ Account using Api key which has the DronaHQ Sheet to be in sync. You can find Api Key under DronaHQ Studio Login -> Settings -> Integration -> Api Key. Click on Continue.
    For more information, you can refer Using DronaHQ in Zapier

  1. Select Sheet Name and Configure all the Columns of that sheet that will be synced. Add your DronaHQ Studio Email Id. This is the email that will appear under Created By Column in Sheets when Row is created using this Zap.
    Now, to connect the Google Sheet’s column to DHQ Studio Sheet, click on the + icon on the right side of Textbox and select the corresponding option from the dropdown as shown below.

Once, all columns are configured as shown below, Click on Continue.

  1. You can either select " Test & Review " or " Test & Continue " or " Skip Test ". Select " Test & Continue ".

  2. Click on Done Editing and Click on " TURN ZAP ON"
    Once the ZAP is ON, whenever a new Row is added in Above Google Spreadsheet, a corresponding new row will be created in DHQ Studio Sheet.

Important Points to Note -

  1. For Existing Data, you can either Copy all the Data using CTRL+C (Windows) / CMD+C (Mac) and Paste is into DronaHQ Sheet using CTRL+V (Windows) / CMD+V (Mac) OR you can download the CSV and in DronaHQ Studio create a new Sheet and import this CSV.

  2. Zapier polls Google Sheet data every 15 minutes, so there will be a max delay of 15 minutes for new row changes to be reflected in the DHQ Studio Sheet.

  3. In the above example, we used the DronaHQ New Sheet Row action. For other actions, like update or other automated action, you can select Initiate a Workflow option based on your need. So In case you want to keep the Sheet in sync for Updating Rows as well then you will have to configure the Google Sheet trigger for " Insert or Update row" and in DronaHQ Studio action as " Initiate a Workflow" with Workflow has Update Sheet Task configured as shown below. For updates, there has to be one unique Row Identifier to identify which row is updated. In the below example, the Name column is considered unique.

As you can see from the above image if Data is not already added then since " Insert new record if doesn’t exist" is checked in Update Sheet task, it will Insert a new row. This will handle both New Row and Update Row scenario

  1. Likewise, instead of Google Sheet, you can use any other 3rd party service and connect it with DronaHQ Studio using Zapier.

  2. Existing Rows in Google Spreadsheet will not be triggered. Only new Rows added post creating this Zap will be triggered and available to DHQ Sheet.