Get Total working days in a month

You would need to find the working days in a given month in scenarios when you are processing the payroll or specifying the working days of a given month when checking the percentage of attendance of an employee and other such scenarios.

The NETWORKDAYS function can be used to calculate the number of working days in a given month. It automatically excludes the weekends. You can also specify the particular holidays and then count the business days.


NETWORKDAYS(start_date, end_date, [holidays])

The function uses the following arguments:

  1. Start_date (required argument) – The Start date for the month
  2. End_date (required argument) – The End date for the month.
  3. Holidays (optional argument) – This specifies the list of holidays that should be excluded from the working days calculation.


If you have String Date


To get it from current date




The ROUND function is required for rounding the serial number in decimals to the closest integer

Note :

  1. The NETWORKDAYS function includes both the start date and end date while calculating.
  2. An error is shown if the date given in the argument is not a valid date. Hence in the example, above we are using the DATE() function.
  3. In the example above, the start date and end date can be values from controls if required.