Genrating PDF from PDF Creator

Hi, I went through the community page about the PDF Creator is doesn’t clearly list the steps to export the PDF. The given formula PDFTask.PDFLINK has been causing some difficulties. Please can list more details and tutorials about the PDF Creator

Hi @saket.sultania09,

There are 2 parts to PDF Creator -

  1. Creating a PDF template using a PDF Creator Section where you can add Variable for dynamic values that can be provided in 2nd part.
  2. Creating the PDF using Generate PDF Task in Workflow. It will list All Published PDF templates and you can select the one you want. If your template has any varaibles it will list all those and you can configure the task.

Once the Task is configured, subsequent task can use the PDF generated from Above task as a Link using < PDF Task Name >.PDFLINK , i.e. If your Generate PDF Task name is PDFTask then you can use PDFTask.PDFLINK in your other tasks Formula Box.

For More details, Read - Introducing PDF Creator

Hope this Helps!

Hi @fenil.jain,
I tried the above steps and it works but I wanted to know if there was any way after submission of the form the user can recive the link to the PDF genrated.

Hi @saket.sultania09,
Yes depends on your Use case, You can try sending an email using email task or you can connect to 3rd party services like Twilio to send SMS or Simply insert it in Sheets using Update Sheet task in your workflow

Hope this Helps!

Hi @fenil.jain
Your Insights have helped alot. I had one more query how can I export a PDF which have data from forms in various screens. For Example, If I have three Screens which take user data and then it should export all this data in PDF to email provided by the user.

Hi @saket.sultania09
For this you will have to create variables in your PDF Template that be available in your Generate PDF task as a Dynamic parameter whose value can be given from Forms control. And in your App you will have to add hidden controls to your final screen where workflow is configured and reference it on other screens controls using formula.
For more info, please read Creating Multi-Screen Forms
After that, all these controls will be then available in your workflow task - Generate PDF to be available to use it in variables.

Alternatively, we have a new Summary control which is soon to be released that will help getting all the controls of other screens in a single screen to view and that shall be available in workflow as well.

Hope this Helps!

I have created a single page form and created a workflow which takes input stores data in a sheet. Then the generate pdf workflow takes input from the sheet. The sheet is showing all the data and the submission of data is on. Yet In the exported PDF I am receiving variable names instead of entered values. Where could I have made a mistake.

Can you share a Screenshot of Generate PDF task where you have assigned variables to your PDFs?

Here are the screenshots of my workflow in detail and the PDF creator template.

Thank you for Screenshot.
I can see you are trying to use LOOKUP without any filter as an input to PDF Task input. The result would be an Array which is LIST type, However, PDF Task variables expect String/TEXT type input. You can either provide a filter to LOOKUP function to have a SINGLE ROW SINGLE COLUMN filtered or you can have a TEXT control in your Form and apply lookup formula in that and provide its reference in the PDF task.

For more info on LOOKUP function refer this

Hope this Helps!