Formulas as Different Variables on PDF: LOOKUP function with filters not working on PDF

I used an iterate task to record JSON object items on different rows on the sheet

On the screenshot, I want to assign a PDF Image Variable to a formula: LOOKUP([imagecolumn], some_filter, “DESC”,1) although the images are the same on the sheet I understand that they may be stored as different_names in s3 somewhere so I can’t use UNIQUE() (I tried but also did not work). I just want 1 image to show up

I want the same for other lookups assigned to text and list variable for items that are not part of the iterate task.

@chirag1, tagging you since this is an alternative solution to my other problem but there’s a blocker of repeating items and not being able to filter on just 1st row
Parsing a JSON from resulting LOOKUP() - #2 by chirag1

currently nothing is showing up


I believe it would be easier to have one more coloumn, with say an image id. So when you are saving the same image under different rows it would have the same image id.
And you can have unique() on it.


Are you trying to bind a File Upload column (imagecolumn) to the PDF Image Variable?
In such case, you should use INDEXVALUE(LOOKUP([imagecolumn], some_filter, “DESC”,1),1) in the.

INDEXVALUE will fetch you the value at the mentioned index. For instance INDEXVALUE(list,2) will fetch you value from the list at index 2.

Hope this helps.