Formula variables working in preview mode but not in published app

I’m setting a server side variable in an action workflow which works great in preview mode on my desktop, but when I publish the app and view it inside of the DronaHQ mobile app (iOS) the variables aren’t setting. I have confirmed the variables aren’t passing to my API by looking at the request sent from my app.

I’m not sure why this would work in preview mode but not in the published app?

The formula variable I’m setting (for example):

LOOKUP([users.X3Site] , users.UserEmail = USEREMAIL)


Thanks for reporting. Looks strange, will look into this internally to try and replicate the same. Also, possible to share public embed link if there isn’t any sensitive information?

Unfortunately it may contain private info, but you may be able to replicate on your end.

I was able to get around the issue by using the users.UserName = USERNAME alternative. I’m not sure why the useremail variable is throwing a problem? It does work occasionally, but not consistently?


We tried using the same filter with USEREMAIL and we are able to get the required result consistently in published app.

Can you check once if you are still facing this issue or was it an intermittent issue? Also, is the LOOKUP function getting timedout due to which your api wasn’t receiving the request?