Formatting data in Connectors

Now that you are aware of how to configure connectors and fetch data from these connectors let us try to visually enhance the overall look and feel of the Connector data. For this you can make use of the You can use the Format Data feature when you Bind Data to TableGrid. It enables you to visually enhance your data fetched using the connector. You can add a specific type of format based on data type or even add conditional formatting to the respective rows. The Formatting can also be used for keys and columns from the connector.

format data

Let us now see how we would add the format options mentioned above.

  • Select the FullName key. Here the data type would be text. For the text data type, you have the option to add conditional formatting. Depending upon the data type the conditional formatting operators would be provided. For the sake of this example let us take it as IsNotEmpty we would have row color set to some color.

  • Select Author ID as result.rows.author_id and select the data type as Number. Now if you click on the dropdown arrow next to it, for the number data type you have options to Format as currency or accounting or set prefix/suffix or add conditional formatting. In this example, we want to add “ AuthID: “ as a prefix. So add the prefix and click Apply.

  • You can also add single or multiple tags and use the tags to differentiate based on certain groups . For the sake of this example let us take add a specific colored tag for rows with FirstChar as D.

Now let us see the output of the above example. You have used the connector to bind data. You have selected the necessary columns and keys to bind data. Now if you have a look at the Custom Formula you will see that the BINDAPI function is in used.


So now whenever you take a preview or run the form you can see the formatting applied to each of the Transformation keys as well as the individual columns.

Thus the Formatting features of the Connectors enable you to format data in your TableGrid in a presentable manner.

Formatting types

To understand Format Data options in detail refer to this article here.