Format Decimal Places of a figure using Format Data in Table Grid


Is it possible to restrict the no of decimal places in a figure using format data of the Table grid Option. Like the FLOOR() or CEILING() functions.



If you are using Connectors then you can use Transform Keys option in your connectors and use a FLOOR function instead to limit upto 2 decimal.

For example - your have a decimal value in connector result called distance, then you can Add a Key to use a New Key with FLOOR function and use this new key instead in your tablegrid BindData formula.


Hope this helps!

Can you please share the custom function formula for this !

@yash1 This is the formula used in transform keys which is given to Key name - Decimal.

Below is the BINDAPI custom formula - (This can also be added visually from Data > Connectors)

BINDAPI( [, GetAuthorListByPaging.result.rows.initials, GetAuthorListByPaging.result.rows.last_name, GetAuthorListByPaging.result.rows.author_id, GetAuthorListByPaging.Decimal])


  1. When I add the TransformKey the tablegrid control doesnt display anything.
    Upon Rt Click-> Inspect ,I noticed an error on the console.

Looks like a format error. I checked the Json and the key that I am trying to FLOOR() has a numeric value.


Haven’t been able to try the transform key. a followup question,

  1. My BIND API function there is MAPKEYS used on the fields.

MAPKEYS( BINDAPI( [fullrecords.records.fields]) , “ID Exploitations:ID Exploitations,:tractor: [Statut]::tractor: [Statut],:battery: [surface]::battery: [surface],:battery: [nb ilôts]::battery: [nb ilôts],Surface totale en îlot:Surface totale en îlot,Nombre d’ilôts:Nombre d’ilôts,Nombre d’ilôts à finir:Nombre d’ilôts à finir,Adresse:Adresse,Ville:Ville,Tel Fixe:Tel Fixe,Tel Portable:Tel Portable,Email:Email,RECORD_ID_EXPLOITATION:RECORD_ID_EXPLOITATION”)

Wondering How to fit in the transform key (decimal) in such a query?


Looks like you are using a Custom Airtable Connector. I would suggest instead of using -

BINDAPI( [fullrecords.records.fields])

you bind individual keys, like -

BINDAPI( [fullrecords.records.fields.ID Exploitations,fullrecords.records.fields.:Surface totale en îlot,fullrecords.Decimal])

Feel free to Add other keys you need in above formula.

Also, I would suggest to remove other keys from Transform keys - Record_id, recoff, email just to be sure that it isn’t interferring with Decimal key.

Do let us know if this works or still facing the issue?

Hope this Helps!

Hey Fenil,

I tried the option you suggested.
added a decimal transform key.

But that is causing NO display on the TableGrid Control.

I checked the response of the api call. we are getting the correct json as response.