February'22 DronaHQ Studio updates

New Features

SMTP Email Configuration

With this new feature of SMTP EMAIL Configuration on DronaHQ Studio, you can interface with any SMTP server such as Gmail, Sendgrid, Amazon SES, and more. This makes your work easier when it comes to sending direct e-mails from your micro app.

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SSO Configuration- SAML/OAuth

DronaHQ Studio has introduced a new element now for somebody having their own IDP (Character Supplier) for sign-in or verification, SSO comes in the gig, making it more straightforward for the clients to have single login subtleties. Here you get the option of two SSO providers:

  1. SAML
  2. OAuth

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Custom Email Template

Sending custom system emails from your app is possible now on DronaHQ Studio with its new feature of CUSTOM EMAIL TEMPLATE, which helps you to customize/modify your email templates of all system-generated emails.

There are two types of email templated available:



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Live Data

No need to wait anymore, to see your bind data to any control until you preview your app. Now view your data in the Builder View itself once it is bound. DronaHQ Studio now provides viewing LIVE DATA in the Builder View of the app once you bind data/sheet/control ref to any control, to make it more convenient for the users to build apps.

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Failure Condition

The new enhancement on DronaHQ Studio enables you to handle errors and failures while working with adding APIs, databases, and GraphQL. With the FAILURE CONDITION feature, you can now add your failure condition along with the failure/error code which will help you to handle failure in various ways. You can even add these messages to your action flows in order to make them visible on your app.

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Manage Roles

DronaHQ platform now enables you to add different users to operate with your micro apps under different role administrations provided in our new upgrade of MANAGE ROLES while adding a new user.

There are three types of user roles that can be assigned to a user:

  • Administrator: Under this role, the user gets most of the permissions to operate on a microapp except for deleting an app (That only owner can perform). Users can modify all settings, edit the environment, edit the connector, edit catalogs, invite other users as well as view analytics.

  • Creator: Under the creator role, members have some extent of permissions covering only the capabilities of the viewer and editor. This includes editing apps and connectors and also some other developer activities.

  • End-user: Members assigned the end-user role to have very limited permissions. They can view and use the published app on the end-user portal or mobile apps.

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New Connectors

Salesforce Connector

Want your app to have the advantages of an extremely powerful CRM tool like Salesforce? DronaHQ Studio got you covered with its newly introduced connector of SALESFORCE CONNECTOR. Salesforce not only helps you to create and search data but also helps you to operate on different pieces of information called Resources.

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New Controls


Have you come across a case where you want to add a people profile card? Well, with DronaHQ Studio, with its new PROFILE Control, you can add a profile card for a person, consisting of his/her name, image, and description. It can be used to be displayed on dashboards, social networks, and social media.


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Profile Group

The PROFILE GROUP Control of DronaHQ Studio is used to display a set of images each identified by their names, description, and so on. It can be used on social networking sites or platforms.

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Now you have control of ALERT on DronaHQ Studio to display information to the user. It acts as a way to convey results in four different alert types with each having a suitable color. One can use Alert control with various binding methods and can trigger them via different actions.

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