Export and Import of Connector

On DronaHQ studio along with importing/exporting apps, you can also import/export connectors. This will help to share the connectors with other developers easily. This feature enables us to export the configured connector in JSON format. Then it can be shared and used by different accounts after importing the same JSON file of the connector in their respective accounts.

Exporting the connector

Go to the connector list page in your studio account. Select the edit option for any configured connector.
You will find the Export option there.

Click on it and it will save the JSON format of the respective connector in your local system.

NOTE: This feature is available only to users who have edit permission for this connector.

Importing the connector

To import a connector into your studio, you must have a JSON file of the connector.
Go to Add Connector and there you can find the Import App option.

Choose the JSON file you want to import and then click Continue. Next, it will take you to the configuration window for the connector, respective to your provided JSON file.
Provide the details.
NOTE: Mostly all of the details will be auto-populated except for the password since the password is not exported so the user will be required to provide a password at the time of importing the connector
Test the connector and save it.

The importance of connector Export/Import is that:
• We can export already created connectors (without credentials) and import them in the same or another account/instance.
• This helps set up the same app across multiple self-hosted instances the first time when connectors with the same name are required.