Export and Import of App

Export App

This feature enables us to export the app in JSON format and then it can be shared and used by different accounts after import of the same JSON file in their respective accounts.
There is one condition for export of the app, that is, it should be published and not in draft state.
Once the app is published(live) it can be easily exported from the studio. The published apps can be shared with the other channels as templates.

This will open up the Setting page and then simply click on Export as JSON.

If the app is not published it will show an error message.

In case it is published, it will open up a sidebar with connectors, APIs, sheets, custom controls, and others listed there. Click on Export app JSON, give a name and save the JSON file.

Import App

Now we have the exported JSON file of the app/template. We can now import it to some other account.

Open DronaHQ Studio account (different from the account where the app already exists). Go to Apps> Templates> import app.

You get the option to add/import apps from the system.
Select the app you want to import to your account then continue.

While importing the JSON file, we have to make sure that the same connectors and APIs with the same name are present in the account or else it will show an error message.

So, once you have connected the required connectors with the same name, it will show Confirm and continue.

Now your app is created after import.

success import

You can also import your app by using Git repository, to know more you can refer here.

Update App

We can also update the app after it is imported. This will require a JSON file of the updated app. To do this simply go to the Apps find the app you want to update click on image > Update App.

It will ask you to upload the JSON file and after the confirmation your app will be updated, and changes will be reflected.
NOTE: The presence of same connectors with same name is still required.