Environments in DronaHQ Studio

This article will help you understand how to leverage multiple environments in your App:

Studio offers a platform to build your apps that can be based on different data sources. In the process of building your apps, you would gradually develop the app, test it and then get it ready for your Customers. So it is vital that you have a place where your can test your app design as well as the app data from different sources. Thus, Studio provides you with different environments that can be set for different purposes. You can make use of the App Environment and the Data Environment for developing, testing, and getting it production-ready. During your basic development process you would typically make use of the Development environment while when you want to make it available for your customer or users, it will be available in the Production environment.

The App environment is where you create your basic app design, and build the user interface. The Data environment in Studio is the environment for your Data sources, namely the Sheets and Connectors. The Data environment is again based on the same concept that you can make use of the live data on Production while for testing purposes you can create your own schemas to use it from the Staging or test environment.

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