Editing Column Name in tablegrid

Suppose I have a tablegrid with data bound to an API.

How can I change the titles of the displayed columns so they differ from the column names in the API?


You can change any tablegrid’s column headers through its custom formula box. You can find this option in the Data section of the control.

For each control, you will find this Custom Formula option. If you have bound data in a control using other options like Data, Sheets, Controls, Connectors, etc., the system auto generates the respective formula & displays it here.
Or if you are well-versed with the platform & want to use a built-in function, then also you can directly use this custom formula option and create the respective formula as desired.

Now here in your case, click on the corresponding tablegrid control > then go to its Data section and click on the Custom Formula option available just below the Connectors option. Here is a quick snapshot for reference:

Now click on the Edit button. The system will open the formula box having the corresponding formula according to the option used for binding data. In this formula box, you will find 5 sections:

  1. Formula section - where you can add/edit the respective formula
  2. Header Labels - this is the column name or column header
  3. Response section - here you can see the response of the formula on click on Save and Validate button
  4. Default Formula section - in case you want to auto-select any row(s) by default without manual intervention, you can add the respective formula here
  5. Default formula response section - here you can see the response of the default formula on click on Save and Validate button

Now to change the header/column names, we be using the 2nd section named Header Labels and edit it as required.

Header Labels section accepts the column names with a common separator

Here is a quick snapshot for reference:

Once the changes are done, click anywhere outside the Header Labels field and click on Save and Validate button to save the changes.

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That works perfectly - thanks

I am able to use the Custom Formula to change the headers, but then I am not able to use the formatting function in the Connectors area.

How do I do date formatting, Single Tag formatting, etc, while controlling how the column headers display?