DronaHQ Containerization Concept

DronaHQ Studio is a robust platform built to allow developers to rapidly build and deploy cloud-based apps for any business. You can find that you can design apps even those with complex processes quickly with the visual design that enables you to bring your ideas into reality.

Studio provides an All-in-one Container App where all the micro-apps you develop can be accessed by a single Container App. There is single user management for all your apps which are taken care of by the Users sheet and it is handled at the container level. So any new users whom you want to provide access to your microapp, simply need to be added to the user’s sheet and the Container App will take care of the login and the end-user will be able to access all your microapps post login.

The micro apps can be Published in one container app and the user can be provided the respective type of access as Organizational access or Public access.

On successfully logging in using the correct credentials, the micro apps are listed under the home screen. Only those apps that are published would be available for the end-users.

Further, to enable restricted usage of apps you can create Catalogs that can be assigned to different users and user groups. For more information on how to make use of the Catalogs, refer to this article here.

If you want your own container white branded apps then get in touch with us. It is also possible to have your own SSO instead of manually adding it in the users’ sheet, for that as well you can get in touch with our support.

Thus the Containerization of your Apps is a simple and secure method of creating robust apps and efficiently sharing them with the end users.

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