Download filtered data from table

i have a table with data so i want to download only filtered data so that i enabled multi select in below the display in tablegrid properties bu initially i have a tablegrid and detailview side by side
here before enabling the multi select i enabled single select and now when i click on the single row in the table corresponding data coming in the detailview but after enabling the multiselect the data is not coming in the detailview when i click on the single row
from this i want both when i click on the anyone of the row the corresponding data in the detailview and also i want a feature to download the filtered data only instead of whole data

Hi @bhanuprasad.ippili99

This behavior is by design. If you’ve employed the detail view for a single selected item, the download functionality will naturally apply to that individual item.

For a combined approach, where you want to download multiple selected records using multi-select and view details for a single row, I recommend utilizing the Detail View property inherent to the Tablegrid itself.

Alternatively, if you prefer to manage the detail view control separately, you can opt for the single select option. Be aware that this configuration permits only one row to be selected at a time, allowing for the download of a single selected row. You can also use {{tablegrid.PROPERTIES.SELECTEDROWS[0]}} to access the data of the first item in the selected rows array in JSON format.

In instances where multiple rows are selected, the system will retrieve data from the first item in each selected row and present it in the detail view. This approach allows you to leverage both a distinct detail view control and the multi-select feature of the tablegrid for downloading multiple selected rows.

Note: {{tablegrid.PROPERTIES.SELECTEDROWS}} yields an array of JSON containing all the selected rows.

I hope this helps.

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