Domain and Branding

In the business plan of Studio, users get a Domain and Branding feature to make you customize their account with styling properties, icons, and images, and also with a custom domain to access the account.

NOTE: In the On-Prem version of DronaHQ the branding is available except for the domain, which users can put up custom domain along with SSL certificate while setting up the On-Prem version.

In this article, we will see, how to set up branding properties and custom domains for the DronaHQ Studio on cloud.

The Domain and Branding feature can be accessed from the Studio Settings> Account Settings > Domain and Branding.

On the left-hand side we can view the properties and options for custom domain and branding whereas on the right-hand side, the live preview of the made changes has been showcased.

Domain Configuration

Simply click on Setup Custom Domain. It will ask users to follow up on the steps to set up the domain.

Brand Configuration

You can customize your Studio platform using these settings. The settings include the login screen customization with page title, description, color, icons, favicon, and more.

  • Keep DronaHQ Branding Toggle: This enables you to switch OFF or ON the DronaHQ branding on the public and the embedded links of your customized domain.

  • Page Title: To provide a title for the tab of the home screen page.

  • Page Description: To provide a description of the web login page for the users.

  • App Icon: To provide an icon for the login webpage of the account. It is the main icon displayed on the webpage. This icon of your app would appear on your home screen.

  • Favicon: With this, you can set the Favicon for the web login page of your customized domain. It is recommended that you should upload a 32*32 pixel image file of type PNG, GIF, JPG, or ICO to be displayed in the browser tab.

  • Primary Color: To provide the color theme to most of the login page on the web login of the customized domain that you use.

  • Background Color: To provide background color for the login page on the web login of the customized domain that you use.

  • Button Font Color: To provide the font color of the main login button on the web login of the customized domain that you use.

  • App Name: To provide the name of your app as it would appear on your home screen.

  • About the App: To provide the information that would be shown on the About Us page.

Screen review:

Once you save your changes, you can navigate to your custom domain to view your applied changes.

Therefore, the login page for Spotify can look like this.