Disable Submit Button


I have a screen with a Button. But the Button should not be actionable untill all the information is filled.
I would like to visually represent this by showing a button but greying it out.
Is there a way to do it. There is no option to make it readonly like other controls?

Currenty I have created a duplicate button with greyed out color scheme. And I am Hiding/showing relevent buttons depending on the creterion.

is this the right way to go about it? or is there a way to greyout a button.



Alternative to above solution, You can instead have a Validate Screen action as the first action on your button click action flow that will give flexibility as to you want to show any validation errors based on that to user. Disabling a button will not be a very good UX as the user will not know as to why this button is not clickable.

Hope this Helps!

Thank you For the suggestion.
We are trying to replicate an already tried and tested usecase which expects the Button to be shown as greyedout. Untill required information is filled.

Currently we are doing it by replacing it by a Button which appears greyedout

I was wondering , like other Controls which upun marking read-only get greyedout. Can the button be made to behave the same way.

Thank you for your suggestion once again.