Deep Link to Specific Screen within an App

I realize that if I have an app with multiple screens, I have two options to select a specific screen:

  • Change the default or “Home” screen for the app overall

  • Add navigation buttons within the app to move to a different screen

I am wondering. if it is possible instead to designate the starting screen via URL parameter so that for different use cases within my app I can have a different URL to go directly to the desired screen.

I know I can retrieve a URL parameter in a Custom Script as and could set up a Navigate block in Dronahq to choose a screen based on that value. But still the user would have to click a button to activate the Navigate Block.

Is there a way from a custom script or otherwise that I can set my app so that a Navigate block begins as soon as I execute a public URL? That way I could add a conditional statement to the Navigate block and go to different screens depending on the URL parameter which I used in the URL.


You can use the screen_open action having Navigate To task(s) on the home screen to accommodate your requirements. Here is a quick snapshot for your reference. You can know more about Navigate To action task here.

As an alternative, you can add one blank screen with navigate to action task on the screen open action flow. That is, as soon as the app opens & lands on the home screen, it will automatically redirect it to the required screen/page.

Now here, to have query parameter based navigation, you can use more than 1 navigate to tasks having respective When To Execute query.

`When To Execute query helps the system understand if it should execute that particular task or not. You can either use a JavaScript code using the JS option or can add a formula using the FX option which returns True or False value. True instructs the system to run that task, False instructs the system to skip that task.

I hope this will help :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is very helpful - thank you.