December'23 DronaHQ Updates

New Features

DronaHQ Managed Database (Beta)

Prepare for the revolution! Introducing DronaHQ DB, a marvel in managed PostgreSQL platforms. Imagine a world where managing data feels as intuitive as handling spreadsheets, within your very apps! It’s tailored for efficiency, empowered by SQL queries, and wrapped in a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless data handling.

You can learn more about DronaHQ Database from here.

Show Control Loader

The Show Control Loader action breathes life into your micro-apps! Picture this: dynamic loading indicators and spinners gracefully guiding your users through ongoing processes or specific controls. It’s the ultimate user engagement tool, ensuring your audience stays informed and involved.


Hide Control Loader

Now, let the magic begin! The Hide Control Loader action seamlessly conceals loading indicators within your micro-apps. Once processes or actions are complete, watch as these loading states elegantly fade away, leaving your interface sleek and polished.


New Option in Data Query → Rest API

Dive into new realms of connectivity! With the Rest API in Data Query, unlock a treasure trove of possibilities. Basic authentication seamlessly connects you to public APIs, be it weather updates, dummy data, or IP-based information. Not to mention, the proxy toggle that swoops in to handle CORS issues like a hero.

Read more here.


DronaHQ App Builder and Landing Page Load Time Optimization

We’ve turbocharged your experience! The DronaHQ App Builder is now armed with caching algorithms, slashing network stress and backend API load. Say goodbye to lag and hello to lightning-fast load times!

DronaHQ Save API Optimization

Speed, precision, efficiency - amplified! Our enhancements to the app save API make building applications a breeze. Get ready for save times that scale with your app’s size, delivering a staggering 10% - 70% boost in efficiency.

Audit Logging 2.0 Live

Trace every step, celebrate every event! Our configurable audit logs are now at your fingertips, seamlessly accessible in databases or chosen audit logging tools. For a deeper dive, check out our Detailed article encompassing log formats, events, and more.

Whitelist IP - Check Reachability

Empower your systems! Ensure IP reachability with our seamless functionality, fortifying your network’s security and accessibility.

New Connector


Welcome to the future of data handling! SurrealDB stands tall as a cutting-edge distributed NoSQL database system. It’s not just a database; it’s an ecosystem engineered for unparalleled scalability, high availability, and unwavering fault tolerance across diverse data workloads.

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