December'22 DronaHQ Update


AWS IAM Authentication Type added

The PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB connectors now have the AWS IAM type of authentication added while configuring the connector.

Table grid – Freeze Column property

This property enables you to select the number of columns from the table grid control which you want to appear as frozen in tablegrid control while doing horizontal scrolling on it.

Table grid – Row Size property

You now have a dropdown to provide the default row size to the table grid control.


GetAllSheets Api to support Shared Folders files

Users can now access Shared Drive Folders under Global Connector > Google Sheets > GetAllSheets Api, if someone has a shared drive and want to get sheet files of that, now they will able to access them.

New Connector

Configuring DB connector – Amazon Document DB

Studio has introduced a new connector of Amazon Document DB which is a document-based database. Amazon DocumentDB is a scalable, highly durable, and fully managed database service for operating mission-critical MongoDB workloads. You can use the connector to carry out various operations including querying and inserting and updating details.

Read more here.

New Control


Studio now has a very unique control of Breadcrumbs. It is a navigational control. The Breadcrumbs control provides an overview of the navigational hierarchy and the current location of the page.

Users can keep track of the page from the provided graphical element on the user interface.

Read more here.

Self-Hosted Updates

Amazon AWS S3 connector with IAM roles

Users can give the IAM role access to the EC2 machine on AWS for S3 buckets and can connect without explicit AWS secret and other credentials. Just simply type Yes in Use EC2 IMA Access Role field.

You can read more here.