Data display in detailview

i have array of an object and the object containing key values but in some values i have another object so, i used detail view to showcase the details but, the output coming like one by one details and tables in the detailview. so i want instead of table i want details in one by one.

Hi @bhanuprasad.ippili99 ,

Thank you so much for detailing your case and reaching out to us.

As you described, I understand you want to use a nested JSON data in a Detail View control. I want to bring this to your light that a Detail View control works best with a simple JSON data (and other controls as well). You must transform your nested JSON into a simple JSON to work best here and showcase your data in Detail View in your desired manner, otherwise current view is the view you get for a nested JSON (that includes the table).

Here I paste the link for the article to refer for Detail View.

P.S.: Alternatively you can go for a card control as well for a better enhanced UI. Please find the article link below. Here also, data should be in a simple JSON format.

I hope this helps. Thank you.

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