Data copy from excel to sheet


I copied data from excel to the sheet but few data and rows were missing in the sheet? Did I do something wrong?

How can I safely copy paste all my data into sheets?



Instead of copying data, you can use an option called Import from CSV when you are creating a sheet.

  • On the Sheets tab, when you click on the Add Sheet button, Import CSV button will be visible on the Create Sheet modal.
  • Input the desired sheet name and click on the Import CSV button, this will ask you to upload the CSV file to be imported.
  • When you select your desired CSV file, Upload Data from CSV File modal will be displayed where you can modify the column name and select its type.
  • Click on Upload will create the Sheet with data populated from the CSV file.

Please Note: Currently, while importing CSV data, you can create columns, in Studio Sheets, of the following type - Text, Email, Number, Textarea, Url, Basic Dropdown, Decimal, Percent

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Incase you want to copy data from an excel into the Sheets. The safest option is to convert your excel to CSV (This will ensure all formatting etc are sorted) and then copy paste the data into Sheets. This works like a charm most of the time.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Divyesh & Chirag!!

This was really helpful. It worked smoothly… :slight_smile: