Custom Javascript Code for Connectors Response

Studio currently requires consistent output in your Connectors response. It means, that if the connector has missing keys in one of the object out of array of object in responses and you want to use that key in Tablegrid or other places it doesn’t work correctly. So allowing to write a javascript code to normalize the data will help to make to output consistent. Also, the Current workaround of creating a Custom function and using it is adding unneccessary overhead as this function need not be reusable at other places at it has custom use case.

Use case - There is an App to display airtable rows in table grid control. Now airtable Find Rows api returns all rows which has value entered by the user and skips the keys which are empty in the .Response json object. normalizing the output using open Javascript code will help fixing the issue.

This feature has been implemented. You can now write custom Javascript Code for connectors response and even normalize your Api response to have consistent keys.

For More Info - Refer this article