Creating White label native app

What is white label branding?

When you build your apps with Studio, you would have noticed that your apps reside within Studio and can be distributed on the different app stores under the DronaHQ brand in itself. Instead, you may want to create some standalone versions of your Apps for different systems including Android and iOS under your own brand. It would easily enable you to distribute your app as a direct download from the respective app stores while establishing it under your own brand. This is the white label branding of your apps. You can also establish your brand within Studio but by suppressing the Studio brand. Let us understand here how you can create white label native apps.

What platforms are supported?

iOS, Android, and web platforms are supported by white label native apps.


Let us understand the changes that would be required to create a white label app so that the DronaHQ branding does not appear. Let us now see what you need to provide to create your White label App.

App Creatives Specification Comment
App Icon Size: 1024 x 1024 px
  • iOS : Square edges
  • Android: Rounded corners with 180 px radius
  • Logo Transparent White logo
    Background color
  • Splash screen, login and loading screens.
  • Background color - single color
  • In Hex color code format. E.g. #efefef
  • No gradient allowed
    App Name Recommended max up to 13 characters for best output iOS Can be longer but gets truncated above 13 characters on select iOS devices
    Default Support Email id Mandatory to provide a valid email id that would be used for your email support. End-user will be shown this email id in case some error occurs in the App (Login, License, or any other issue)
    About the App Mandatory to provide the About App statement This appears in the About us section.
    Certificates & Keystore Certificates and Keystore details Is Optional, based on flow

    How to create and deploy white label native apps?

    Once your App is ready it is important to distribute it for users of Android and iOS systems. APK files i.e Android Package is the installer package which is the complete package that needs to be shared so that anybody can download and install it on Android devices. Similarly, the IPA file is the installer package to install it on an iOS device. Here again, there are a few considerations when you are distributing your apps.

    1. Distribute through Deltecs Appstore or Playstore account.
    2. Distribute through your / client Appstore/ Playstore account.

    Distributing through Deltecs Appstore or Playstore account

    The most commonly used and popular method for distribution of your apps created in Studio is through the use of the Deltecs Appstore or Play Store account. In this scenario, you just need to share the pre-requisites mentioned above and App will be created and deployed on the respective Appstore & Playstore from Deltecs account. There are primarily two things taken care of by Deltecs namely that the code signing is managed by Deltecs and the APK and IPA files are uploaded by Deltecs for approval.

    What is code signing?

    Code signing is a very important process to affix distributable files with digital signatures that would assure and prove to your consumers that they are consuming the software as it is intended to be when developed and from a safe source. The process of code signing your APK/IPA files would be typically as mentioned here.

    Distributing through Client’s Appstore/ Playstore account

    You can also choose to distribute your own App through your own Appstore/ Playstore account. In this case, there are two ways of doing it.

    • If you so desire, Deltecs can take the responsibility of completing the code signing process. You need to share the distribution certificates and Keystore file with us to complete the code signing process. Deltecs would be responsible for providing the signed APK/ IPA files. Deltecs will then provide you Code signed APK/IPA files that you can upload it on Android and iOS Appstore.
    • Another option is that the responsibility of code signing is taken by the client / you. You need to resign the APK/IPA package files using your certificates. You can follow the same process as mentioned here for code signing your APK/ IPA files.

    Now if you want white label branding for your native apps then you can connect with us at Deltecs with the above-specified prerequisites. You simply need to share your prerequisite details on our support request and we will get back to you with the further process. Once you login into Studio, Click on the Help > Support in order to locate the Support request form for sending across the prerequisites. White label branding is available only to the users on Business or Enterprise Plans.