Create UI based on the JSON response from API - (MetaData UI development)

Hey Developers,

Can somebody help me with the resource on how to develop UI from the json received from api response. All my UI need to be developed over same basis.


Hi @studyjobjob ,

We have a feature called automated Forms, where you can create a UI based on JSON. The JSON is used as a base for the controls, depending on the keys of the JSON and the type of data it stores, it will generate a UI.

Here you can select which key’s control you want in the UI, with the help of the checkbox on the left side.

You can also select which control you want to mark mandatory, by selecting the checkbox on the right side.

You can select the data type of the controls as well as set their labels.

Once you have configured the columns and controls of the form, click Next.

Here it will ask for summary details such as the Form Title/Header, form button text, and Description of the form. This data will help the user to recognize the form and its use case in your microapp.

I suggest you look at this document for a better understanding of the process.

I hope this answers your question.