Copy and Paste Screens

You have been using the different types of screens to build some amazing apps. You have created new screens with different controls and workflows. At times you can have different screens across multiple applications but with similar functionality with a few minor variations to customize each screen. In such scenarios, you can make use of the feature that Studio provides to Copy and Paste Screens. Studio also enables you to Duplicate screens within your apps. Let us understand how these actions work.

Copy screen and Paste Screen

Now when you want to use a similar screen across multiple Apps you can make use of the feature to Copy the screen from one App and then Paste it into another App/channel.

  • To copy a screen, select the respective screen under Screens. Click Options and click Copy Screen.

  • To copy the screen to a different app, go to Screens > +Add > Advance options and click Paste Screen. The screen would be pasted after the last screen.

When you copy the screen, they are pasted to the destination. Here they would retain the control’s properties. The workflows and action flows are not copied. You need to create them specific to the destination app. However, if you want to copy the screen within the same app, use the Duplicate Screen option.

Duplicate screen

Now that you have seen how to copy and paste screens to a different app, you also have the feature to duplicate screens within the same app.

Duplicate screen is similar to copying and pasting the screen. However, the major difference is that when you duplicate a screen, it is added to the same App. It is not duplicated and added to another App, whereas you can copy a screen from one app and paste it to another app.

  • To Duplicate a screen, select the screen and click Duplicate screen. The screen is added to the current app.

When you duplicate a screen the Data binding using sheets, controls, custom formula is applied but the workflows would not be applied. However, the action flows that you might have created for the screen are available.

Delete screens

At times you would also find the need to remove screens from an app.

  • To delete any screen, select the screen and click Delete screen. The screen is deleted or removed from the App.