Connectors Overview

There would be scenarios where you would need to integrate the functionality of some of the services like Trello, Slack, Twilio, Git, and so on to your apps. These are the functionalities that can be integrated with your application using their APIs. For example, an API from Trello can be used to integrate the Trello board to your project plan, Slack can be used to send and receive messages, retrieve the user list, and so on. You can make use of the different APIs to enhance the features in your applications. For our no-code platform, you can find a list of API services that are available under the API Tab.

Studio provides the option to integrate all these microservices your Apps now with the Use API task and other Connectors that allow you to add the necessary services.

You can use the different APIs through the connectors available as listed below. These can be directly integrated to use the available functionality:

Custom API Connectors

Custom API connectors are those that are designed by Account owners to integrate the system with other system APIs to aggregate data from these sources. You can then add relevant business logic to customize these services for an improved output in a mobile-friendly way. They allow you to move from one system to another seamlessly code-free.

Ready Third-Party Connectors

The Ready Third-Party connectors are provided in Studio to enable you to easily integrate with systems like Slack, Trello, WhatsApp, Shopify, and so on. For example, you can add workflows on top of your Twilio account to set up your communication strategies, or integrate Zendesk with the ready connector to transform and customize your customer service workflows.

DB Connectors

The DB Connectors can be used by you to configure your apps on top of the different database systems including MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL.

To understand how you can integrate the APIs in your Apps you can refer to the article here.