Connect using SSL

DronaHQ Studio supports connecting to Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL and MongoDB and other databases to connect to your data with end-to-end encryption using SSL. Typically, SSL certificates would be required in scenarios where you would request personal information from users. This helps keep your data safe and prevents threats like MITM attacks.

Now when you are configuring the database connectors, Studio allows you to Connect using SSL for all databases that support SSL.

Now you can enable SSL connection when you switch ON this toggle button. Similarly, whenever you enable Connect using SSL, you can see the option to use a self-signed certificate. There are some databases that might use custom SSL certificates to encrypt traffic. So for such databases, Switch ON Use a Self Signed Certificate.

Once you enable the Self-signed certificate you can see the three boxes where you can paste the file content for Certificate Authority (CA) or for the Client Key file content, and the Client Certificate file content.

This allows Studio to trust your Custom SSL certificate.

Once you have configured the connection using SSL, you can test the connection, and then you are ready to securely pass data to the webserver.

Note: For MySql 8.x version, the new Authentication method is not supported. We support the Legacy authentication method type currently.

Update - We now support caching_sha2_password Authentication method for MySQL DB v8.x in DronaHQ Studio.