Configuring SendGrid SMTP with DronaHQ system generated emails

First it is needed to set up SMTP in SendGrid.

  • The HOST NAME is:

  • Provide the PORT: 587

  • The USER NAME and PASSWORD will be same as provided on SendGrid after creating identity and configuring SMTP relay of that identity.

  • Check the ENABLE SSL.

  • Proceed with Test Email, it will display a success message and an email will be sent to your registered email address from the provided email address in SMTP configuration.

Set-up SMTP in SendGrid

In order to configure SendGrid for the SMTP server, first, create an account on SendGrid and login into it.

We have to complete two components for this:

  1. Setting up sender identity under sender authentication

  2. Integrating SMTP relay

Sender Identity

  1. We have to create a sender identity from where the email would be sent. The sender identity details like email id would need to be authenticated.

  2. Proceed through from the sidebar of the dashboard as Settings > Sender authentication > Create a Sender.

  3. Fill in the details, providing sender and receiver email addresses and other details.

  1. Click on create. Next is to verify the email address provided while creating a sender identity.

Once done it will be shown as verified on the Single Sender Verification dashboard.

Integrating SMTP relay

  1. Click on email API > Integration guide > SMTP relay.

  1. In the next step give the API a name and click create key to create a new API key.

Details related to server, ports, username, and password will be displayed and this can be used for email configuration.