Configuring Salesforce Connector

Salesforce is an extremely powerful CRM tool. DronaHQ with Salesforce not only helps you to create and search data but also helps you to operate on different pieces of information called Resources. Resources include records, query results and so on.

Configuring Salesforce Connector

Salesforce is available under the API category. Select Salesforce.

Provide the Connector Name and Click Connect to Salesforce. Once the configuration is successful. Click Save.

Note : When you click on Connect to Salesforce, the login screen appears. You need to provide the Username and Password. Once successful you will be able to view the Salesforce dashboard.

Now that you have configured the salesforce connector, Click Add Query, to add your queries. Studio provides the Query Builder that enables you to define your queries.

SOQL Query

This query helps you create a search based on input from the end user or update records with varying field names.

Provide the Query Name and Select the Query Type. In this example SOQL query is selected. SOQL is used to query data from your Salesforce Organization. Click Test Query, once the configuration test is successful, Click Save.

Using Salesforce Connector

Fetch Data

To fetch the rows matching your criteria use GetAccount connector. Using bind data options select the connector that you have configured and select the query.

Click GetAccount and select the columns.

View the fetched data in Preview.

CRUD Action

This query enables you to perform different actions like create, retrieve, insert, update, delete or upsert data.

There might be a situation where you want to update a specific row with some specific value. In this case you can use the CRUD query. By providing the required fields in the query the data will get updated in that specific row. CRUD query helps you to create new records, update records, delete records and so on.

Update Row

In order to update records Click Add Query.

Provide the Query Name, In Query Type select CRUD Operations .

In the Resource Body provide the value for row id you wish to update and then add the details to be updated.

For example, we have chosen Name to be updated with DronaHQ. Provide the details in the Resource Body the fields you want to update. Test the query and view the result.

Create Row

You can also add a new row. Using the create option in the CRUD query helps you to create new rows. In the CRUD action select Create, provide the details in the Resource Body and test your query.

For example we have chosen Name as Test.

In a similar manner other actions can be tested and their results can be viewed accordingly.

Chatter Post

In this query we can provide posts, comments or like. Chatter posts are named as FeedITem in the Salesforce API. You will be able to view the FeedItem object listed in Salesforce.

Provide the query

View the result.

Bulk Load

This query can be used for inserting or deleting more than one record. Update, delete, create and so on actions can also be performed.

For example we have chosen to insert two records a1,a2. In the records option provide the details of the records you wish to insert. Click Test Query and view the results.


  • Salesforce issues refresh token upto a maximum of 5 times for the same user.If you exceed more than 5 times in DronaHQ or any other similar service and try to connect to the same Salesforce user then the older issues refresh token gets invalidated.

  • If DronaHQ is using that refresh token for refreshing access token then your DronaHQ salesforce connector will stop working until you reconnect your Salesforce account in DronaHQ manually.

  • Hence it is highly recommended to use a Salesforce user which is not used frequently or you can create a separate dedicated salesforce user for DronaHQ to connect to your Salesforce account.