Configuring REST API connectors - AWS Authentication

Studio provides you with several Connectors like Databases like MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Third-party connectors like Slack, Trello, Stripe, etc. You can also connect to different APIs using their respective authentication methods. You can now find a new UI for the REST APIs, which we will feel will make it easier to further add your necessary connectors.

Configuring the third party API connector

Studio provides different Connectors to connect the Third-party. Let us take an example to connect SendGrid Mail. SendGrid API has API Key authentication so we will configure it accordingly.

To add third-party connectors, under Studio > Connectors, click (+) Connector.

Studio has different options including the use of the REST API that allows you to easily connect to the Third Party API access to important systems. We will be selecting the REST API for this example.

Configure API Category

When configuring the APIs you need to provide the Authentication details for the respective authentication method. Let us first see how to configure an API using the API Key authentication method.

  • Once you select the option as REST API, enter the Connector name which should ideally be self explanatory.

  • Select the type of Authentication that you want to use. Here we are going to use AWS authentication. Typically you would use this authentication method when you are typically using the Amazon Web Service APIs. It is important to remember that you need to set up your AWS account from where you would get your access keys.

Configure account-specific fields

For the API for AWS authentication it is the API Key which is the vital input that you need. You would get the details from the documentation provided by respective 3rd party services. Thus depending upon fields required for each item like subdomain or team name you would define the parameter which would then have to be provided by the User when adding the Account for this service.

The configuration of the API Category is mainly to add the parameters that need to be provided for Authorization.

To add the necessary input parameter for the respective APIs you can add the key-values:

  1. Access Key: Copy the Access key provided in your account
  2. Secret Key: Copy the secret key provided in your account
  3. Service Name: Is the service name to be used for the API. for example, s3
  4. AWS Region: Region for the AWS account where you are going to use the service

Once these values are set you can Test the configuration using a Test API which is the details or values that you give. You can add a simple API endpoint that can be used to test the user authentication details.