Configuring Gmail SMTP with DronaHQ system generated emails

First it is needed to set up SMTP in Gmail.

  • The HOST NAME is:

  • Provide the PORT: 587

  • The USER NAME will be the email address of the user, from whom the email is to be sent.

  • PASSWORD would be the same as the provided while making app on Google Account.

  • Check the ENABLE SSL.

  • Proceed with Test Email, it will display a success message and an email will be sent to your registered email address from the provided email address in SMTP configuration.

Set-up SMTP in Gmail

  1. Navigate to Manage Google Account and go to Security > App Passwords.

NOTE: Make sure that 2-step verification is already enabled in your google account.

  1. Select Other under drop down of Select app.

  2. Give a name and click Generate.

A password would be generated which needs to be copied and used for email configuration and user name would be the email address of the google account.