Configuring Amazon SES SMTP with DronaHQ system generated emails

First it is needed to configure SMTP in Amazon SES.

  • The HOST NAME is:
  • Provide the PORT: 587
  • The USER NAME and PASSWORD can be viewed on AWS Console under Amazon SES > Account Dashboard > Create SMTP credentials.
  • Check the ENABLE SSL.
  • Proceed with Test Email, it will display a success message and an email will be sent to your registered email address from the provided email address in SMTP configuration.

Set-up SMTP in Amazon SES

In order to configure Amazon Web Services SES for the SMTP server, first, create an account on AWS and login into the AWS console.

There are two steps that are required to integrate SES on AWS:

  1. Creating identity

  2. Creating SMTP details

Creating Identity

  1. Search SES on search bar and click on Amazon simple email service.

  1. This will open the dashboard. Proceed with Create Identity.

  1. Select Email Address or Domain based on from where the email is required to be sent.

  1. Verify the email address in-case of identity type selected as email address.

Creating SMTP details

On your Amazon SES dashboard click on Account dashboard from the sidebar.

Details related to SMTP endpoint and port will be provided under Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings.

  1. Click on Create SMTP credentials.

  1. You will be directed to a new window of IAM Management Control. Provide an IAM User Name (or can use the default too) > Create.

SMTP Username and SMTP Password will be generated which will be used for email configuration.