Configure Zapier with DronaHQ Studio

This article will help you get started with Zapier integration with DronaHQ Studio

You can use Zapier to integrate DronaHQ Studio with any other Third-party services like - Google Sheets, Trello, Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc.

There are two ways in which you can connect to Zapier:

  1. From Profile Settings
  2. From Automations

Connecting through Profile Settings

In order to start integrating, you will first have to Login into DHQ Studio Console and click on the Profile Settings and select Settings.

As shown above, under Settings, click Integrations. You can find the link to integrate with Zapier; using the hyperlink to Zapier which contains the invite to use the DronaHQ apps. The API Key to be used is also mentioned here. This will be copied to Zapier.

So now to configure Zapier, under Integrations, select the hyperlink Click here corresponding to the Connect to Zapier option. You will then be redirected to Zapier to accept the invite to use DronaHQ.

Connecting through Automations

There is another method of connecting to Zapier under Automations.

If you go to Automation and click +Automation, then at the bottom of the screen you will find the option to Connect using Zapier.

Here click Connect using Zapier. The API Key to connect this account to Zapier is provided. Copy the API Key and click Connect to Zapier.

You will then be redirected to Zapier to accept the invite to use DronaHQ.

Invite to use DronaHQ on Zapier

Once you login to Zapier, you will be shown the above screen asking you to Accept Invite and Build a Zap. On Accepting Invite, you will be able to use DronaHQ to make a Zap.

Now, when you make a Zap, in the App’s search bar type DronaHQ and you will see DronaHQ Apps in the list. In case you can see multiple versions, select the Latest one.

Choose the DronaHQ Account which you want to connect. On clicking Sign In, it will ask for the API key. Enter the copied key and click Continue.

To understand how to use DronaHQ in Zapier, refer to the article here.