Configure Zapier with DronaHQ Studio

This article is now deprecated. Refer to the article here.

This article will help you getting started with Zapier integration with DronaHQ Studio

You can use Zapier to integrate DronaHQ Studio with any other Third party services like - Google Sheets, Trello, Salesforce, Mailchimp etc

In order to start integrating, you will first have to Login into DHQ Studio Console and Click on the Profile Icon on Top right and under dropdown select Settings .

As shown above, In the Settings screen, click on the Integrations Tab and Under Integrations section click on hyperlink - “Click here” next to " Connect to Zapier " option.

You will be then redirected to Zapier to accept the invite to use DronaHQ.

Once you login to Zapier, you will be shown the above screen asking for Accepting DronaHQ Invitation. On Accepting Invite, you will be able to use DronaHQ to make a zap.

Now, when you make a Zap, In App’s search bar type DronaHQ and you will see DronaHQ App appearing in the list. In case of use see multiple versions, select the Latest one.