Config Options - Marketplace

You can find the different apps created by the users of DHQ Studio under Marketplace. You can search the apps and install them to your device. Marketplace is where you can find apps that you can use as templates to create your own apps. Once you have completed your app you can publish it to the marketplace for other users to use your app as a template for their own apps. Apps can be added to Marketplace only when the app is Published once and its state is Active.

To add your app, click ADD TO MARKETPLACE.

Once you click Add to Marketplace, you need to provide the data template details in the form of Template Meta and Template Data. The Template meta or the metadata includes the template information like description, whether preview available, template group, whether premium app, description of the key features, and screenshots if any. You can enter the details as required and then move to Template Data.

Under Template Data you have the options for sheet management that provides the list of sheets used in the app and also specifies whether to include sheet data. It also includes data about the workflows and Connectors used as well as the PDF Templates used. Once all the data is added you can Publish the app and the App would then be available in the MarketPlace.