Config option - Script

Studio as a visual development interface or platform offers different functionalities for any organization to design their own apps. When developing different apps and providing extensive functionality, you would also find it useful to enable the integration of various analytics and marketing services to track and maintain analytics using different tags. You can add code snippets to header inside the tag and the body section inside tag.

Once you login to Studio using your organizational authentication, open your App. On the App’s home page, in the top left corner of the screen, you can see the Config Options. Click to view the different Settings.

Here you can find the Script option.

script setting

Add Scripts

Under Scripts, you can now add the scripts for the head section and the body section. To add the scripts -

  1. Go to the Third-party provider of your needs and copy the script provided by them in the respective placeholder for the head section and body section.

  2. Click Save Tags.

  3. Once done Publish your app.

SO now whenever an app is used by the end-user your script would be loaded and it will start sending you analytics or other information to your third-party provider which you have used and can be viewed accordingly.