Conditional Formatting

This article is now deprecated. Refer to this article here for the many possibilities for formatting data in Studio.

Conditional formatting helps in formatting the rows based on rules applied on a column. Conditional formatting can be set by clicking on the Down arrow next to the column name as shown below.


For example, we can highlight all the rows which do not have any entries for “city” with red color or we can highlight rows of Logo column where Link starts with insecure http:// url as shown below.




Conditional formatting is supported by a range of column types but the operators that work on each of these column types are different. You can read about the operators that are supported by each of the column types here.

The following is the list of columns that support conditional formatting.

  • Text
  • Number
  • Email
  • Decimal
  • Text Area
  • Formula

More than one rule can be used at once and one or more of the formatting options like fill color, underline, bold etc can be used.

The value that you enter will be used to apply the operator.