Concurrent App Access

We have a feature in the Studio that allows only a single user to edit a microapp that is shared or accessed by multiple users at the same time. This feature is to enable different users from their respective logins to access a single app in the builder view, on a common channel, that again without facing any overwrite or saving issue.

There is a high possibility that multiple users may be accessing a single app in its builder view, some may want to develop it further and some may just want to see it only(preview). This could create an overwrite issue but Studio handles this concurrent access to the app smoothly by providing a pop-up of Concurrent Access.

This pop-up of Concurrent Access informs all the active users on a single app, that this app is currently being actively edited, along with the mail address of the most recent editor.

Furthermore, you will be given two choices, either to Switch Access or Continue.

If you select Switch Access then edit access will be given to you and the same pop-up of Concurrent Access will be displayed to all other users including the user who was editing earlier. After 2 to 3 seconds the screen will reload and the app will open and you will have edit access.

Since the pop-up also informs you, which user is currently editing the particular app, you can always refer to the user first and then click on Switch Access to prevent interruption mid-editing or development.

On selecting Continue from the pop-up, the builder view of the app will open but in read-only mode. Users can preview the app and experience its working but cannot edit it. You will see a lock sign right in place of the Save button.

It is recommended not to share same user login credentials to multiple users, otherwise the studio can be accessed unexpectedly across different users using the same account resulting in overwrite and saving issues.