Client app version not updating

It seems that if I publish a new version of an app, in order for the client to see the update the client must force close the existing version in order for DronaHQ to see the new version and update it. Most of our folks aren’t going to be regularly force closing the app so this poses a problem in ensuring that everyone is using the latest published version.

If you are talking about the mobile app in particular, then it doesn’t require the user to force close the app for the update to happen. Even if the user puts the app in the background and opens it, the update will be available for the user.

This hasn’t been my experience but I would expect it to work like that. Note that I have a whitelabel app, not using the DronaHQ app.

Can you let me know if you are using an android app or an iOS app?

I can have it cross checked as well. Also do your users keep the app always open or keep on switching context with different apps all the time?


Our users only use the same single app and never switch. Most users have it placed in kiosk mode via MDM as well to prevent switching.

The update is immediately available when the main mother app goes to the background and opens again.

As for the kiosk mode where the micro app is always open, currently there is no way it auto updates unless the main app goes to the background, I have added this use case to be taken up in the roadmap.

Will keep you updated on when this is WIP.

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