Clarification UI and Nudge feature

Clarification process

We have seen how the Approval tasks and input tasks work. The approval task which is initiated by the user can at times be left pending at the approver’s end. At the same time, there can be a situation wherein the approver would also need some clarification from the initiator. For this, Studio provides the feature to the Approver to ask a Clarification question/ query to the request Initiator and for the Initiator to send a reply to it.

For Approver

  1. Now for an Approver, there would be an Approval task, which might be planned for a certain timing. This notification can be seen in the Status App under Assigned tab. All the approval and input tasks can be seen listed here. The Approver then selects a task. The details for the task are listed out under the Assigned Tab.

  2. You will find the Clarification icon at the bottom near the Approve button in the Task details card. This feature allows the Approver to ask the question in response to the request received.

  1. Click Ask Clarification. Enter the Recipient of the question and the question text. Click Done.

The Clarification is now sent to the Initiator. The Initiator will receive an email as well as a Push notification. The user can reply directly to the query by clicking on the email link and then add the response.

For Initiator

  1. The Initiator receives a Notification in the Status App when the clarification question is sent by the Approver.
  2. The list of tasks can be seen under the Clarification tab. Every individual input / approval task card under Clarification Tab has a Reply option.
  3. There is an option available for the Initiator to send a reply to the Approver. Click Reply and add Your Reply and click Send.

  1. Once the Initiator replies to the question, the Approver can view the reply/answer and then close it by Approving or Rejecting it. If any further clarification is required, the same process can be followed.


Usually, the approval/input task is initiated and often has a certain deadline within which the Approver is expected to approve it or reject it. The initiator awaits the response from the Approver. In case the approver fails to respond in, either way, the initiator has the option to Nudge the approver for the pending task.

This feature is available only to the Initiator in the Status App only for the pending tasks or overdue tasks.

  • In the Status App, go to the pending task under Initiated tab. It could be an approval task or an input task also.
  • The Initiator can Nudge the Approver that the task is pending approval.
  • Once it is sent, the nudge notification would be available in the Status App of the approver, and the card would be highlighted once the Status app is opened by the approver. An email would also be sent with the nudge request.
  • The Initiator would have to wait for a period of 24 hours once the approver is nudged/ reminded to be able to send any nudge request again.

We thus have a complete process to enable an interaction between the initiator and approver for such tasks that need inputs as well as the approval tasks.