Clarifai Connector

Clarifai Inc. is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that specializes in computer vision and uses machine learning and deep neural networks to identify and analyze images and videos. To use these features in your micro app, the Studio has Clarifai Connector. You can use the connector to connect your Clarifai account and use its models and features in your app.


Configuring Clarifai Connector

To add Clarifai connector in your account you simply have to find Clarifai under Studio > Connectors, click (+) Connector.

Select it and click on Connect Clarifai. Provide a name for your connector’s account name and paste the key of your Clarifai application. Click Save and your connector is ready.

Using Clarifai Connector

Now that we have configured the Clarifai connector, you will see that various endpoints are available with the connector.

These endpoints will be useful to work with the data to fetch from and feed data to the Clarifai application database.

Predicting image

You can predict various features and attributes of objects present in an image URL by the means of different existing models of Clarifai used for image prediction.

Simply integrate the server-side action or the data-bind option of the Clarifai connector and select the PredictImage endpoint. Provide the required details such as Model and image URL.

I have selected Image Recognition (General Image recognition) as the model and used a cat image URL.

In this way, you can perform various analyses and predictions on image/video URLs using various models.