Can I Replicate a Control on Multiple Screens?

Suppose I have a multi-screen app and I have a control which I want to share among multiple screens.

Is it possible to Replicate the control on multiple screens?

I understand there are existing options to Copy, Paste, or Duplicate a control - those copy the existing control design and create a distinct control initially with those settings.

What I am hoping for instead is to Replicate the control so that it has the same reference name on each screen and any change in content or configuration of the control is simultaneously reflected in each of the replicants.

Is this possible?

Hey Richard,

As you have noticed, one can copy and paste a control. This will replicate all actions with same names and referencs. This is separate control and has indipendent references.

What you wish to achieve can be done by haveing a control ‘a’ which references another control ‘b’ and
this ‘a’ is used in the control ‘x’ ( which you need to create multiple duplicates)

Every time you copy the control ‘x’ it would always refere to control ‘a’ whoz value is derived from ‘b’.
Now if later you wish to change the reference, let ‘a’ refer ‘c’.

So now all the controls ‘x’ and its duplicates would derive from ‘c’.

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Thank you Yash - that will work