Binding data to controls

Binding data to controls has always been there as a crucial method for app development. The data binding methodologies included several options such as – Custom JavaScript, Variables & Keywords, Connectors, and more.

All the available methods to bind static as well as dynamic data are made available in a dropdown with a clear view.
Studio introduced this enhancement to make developing more efficient and easier to find binding options.

Data Binding Methods

There are several methods one can find in the bind data section of control.

Right on sight you can view the flexible methods to bind data:

  • JS (JavaScript): Well, as the name suggests, one can insert static data for the control, we can also mention string values, variables, and keywords too. It also supports inline JavaScript or data variables added within {{ }} double curly braces

  • SQL: We can filter JSON values by implementing SQL queries on it. This is helpful to query JSON values within the controls. The idea is to work on NoSQL data sources using SQL queries. Read more from here.

  • Fx (Custom Formula): Mention custom formulas to use all the utility functions available in DronaHQ like DateStr , Merge , etc. We can also give direct controls reference well from here connectors BINDAPI also get stored.

Quick Select dropdown options:

  • Keywords: This assigns the value of the variables and keywords defined or available in the app.

  • Controls: This allows you to get data from one of the App controls.

  • LoggedIn User: You can display the properties related to the LoggedIn User like username, user email, Admin, status, and so on. You can select a single property only. Select column and click Save .

  • Data: This is used to bind data from the data queries (data as variables). This can consist of static value, Query JSON using SQL, Custom JavaScript, Connector Library, and Database Query It depends on whatever you have saved in your Data Queries.

  • Database Query: This allows you to select a configured database and call its queries to fetch data and bind the respective values. You can also configure the DB connector from here too.

  • Connector Library: This allows you to select a configured connector and call its API to fetch values and bind the values returned by the respective API. You can select multiple keys to display values.

  • Custom JavaScript: You can also add a Custom JavaScript to fetch data and use it for your app operations.

  • Sheets: This simply will open a dialogue box to look up the data in the desired sheet, to retrieve and save it as data for the control.

Some controls may have additional methods of UI to bind data along with structuring the controls. Example: Split Button

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