BINDAPI function

The BINDAPI() function is used to fetch data from a connector data source and bind it to a control. ALso you can optionally filter data and sort fetched data in ascending or descending order.


BINDAPI([connectorname.result.rows.columnname1, connectorname.result.rows.columnname2,…], Filter Condition, Sort column,Order)


  • Connectorname.result.rows.columnname: is the column whose data is to be fetched.
    • In case you need to fetch data from more than one column, then add the list of columns within the square [ ] brackets separated by comma as [Connectorname.result.rows.columnname1,Connectorname.result.rows.columnname2]
  • Filter: is the filter format to fetch data from the column. There are three components as Columns to be filtered, filter operator & filter criteria. In case you need to state multiple filters you can use AND (for all filter criteria match) or OR (for any one of the filter criteria match).
    • The condition will be taken as datastore.columnname1=""

The parameters mentioned below are optional:

  • Sorting: is used to sort the result set on the basis of the column specified.
  • Order: is the order in which you want to sort the data fetched from the sheet. It can have value either ASC or DESC which needs to be put within double quotes “”.

The function returns the list of rows based on the filter criteria with the column details as specified using the filters.

Important Note: Filter and Sorting happen at the client-side once we get the result from API.

To understand how to use the function refer to the article here.