Bind data from multiple data sources

Hi there

I want to get data in my table grid from two APIs. Can you help me with a way?

I am using Zendesk connector to get user and get tickets and need to show ticket along with user detail in same table.


When you are binding data from Connectors, it underlying gets converted into BINDAPI function.
Connectors. You can then restructure the output keys using MAPKEYS and then follow the same process for another connector. You can then use any of the JOINs functions - LEFTJOIN, RIGHTJOIN, INNERJOIN, FULLJOIN as per your need to merge the 2 connectors and bind the data accordingly.

Please note - in the above JOINs function example, instead of LOOKUP you can use BINDAPI instead when binding from connectors.

For Example - Using the INNERJOIN function on common key - as shown below -

INNERJOIN( MAPKEYS( BINDAPI( [,]),“,”),MAPKEYS(BINDAPI( [,Connector2.members.is_admin]),“,isAdmin:members.is_admin”),“id1”,“id2”)

Hope this Helps!