Automation V2 – Scheduler

Automation as we know enables you to automate repetitive tasks that save the time taken to perform them manually. It can be used to automate the execution of workflow like when an event is triggered.
Studio now has the feature to Automate tasks as Automation V2. Automation v2 with an improved experience and more powerful enables us to do a lot more efficiently. In Schedular Automation the whole configuration is typically divided into two parts: Trigger and Tasks.

Select A Trigger – Scheduler

The Scheduler trigger is triggered at a selected date and time with recurring options. You can automate workflows using a custom schedule. This enables you to build workflows that automatically perform actions on a regular basis.

Configure Scheduler

Set Time zone: Choose the time zone you want to select from the dropdown.

Set Frequency:

This part is to configure a workflow to run periodically. You can configure a schedule that triggers every n minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.

We get two options:

Configure an Interval Schedule

Define when to repeat the automation-triggered action using simple prompts being chosen from the dropdown. Intervals are available in the range between minute to month with further details on choosing of interval.

Configure a CRON Schedule

Configuring a schedule in Studio Automation V2 allows for the use of CRON syntax. The block displays a human-readable version of the values you provide. Additionally, if you hold the cursor over the label of each input, a tooltip with a syntax reference will appear.

You can more precisely construct a schedule using CRON syntax. For instance, you can only set up a routine to run between January and September at 9.30 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays:

Click Done.

Select a Task or Connector

Now that the trigger is ready, you need to specify the task. So here we will specify the App and the workflow that would be the action events.

You can specify the tasks from the available list of Logic tasks and Custom API connection from the available actions.

Automation Builder View:

Click on the preview button to run the automation and view its logs to check for its success or error.