Automation has a New UI: Product announcement

Why the new Automation UI?

When building your Studio apps, you have been using the Automations to create automated tasks like updating sheets, scheduling a task, and webhook automation as well. We had a very nice and simple workflow UI there and you have loved it. However, we have been receiving requests to add a few new features and capabilities when configuring the Automations. Thus we felt the need to provide a new look to the Automation UI. Do have a look.

Where will you find it?

The Automation is available under the Studio Console’s Menu Bar in the left corner of the screen.

automation ui

Click Automation to view your existing automation and to add new ones.

Now, where has the UI changed? Go and add a new Automation. Add a name. Now here you can note that the UI has been changed. It now looks similar to your workflows.

It has however been enhanced and made simpler. The process does not change, first, select the Trigger type and click Continue. Select the Trigger actions i.e When this happens and you are done. You earlier had to link a workflow to your automation. Now, this is the main enhancement that you would be happy to note. Your automation can now be an independent workflow and need not be linked to the App Workflow.

There is another enhancement to the UI. Instead of the earlier Test Task, you can trigger the Test in Automation workflow. It is now available in the top right corner near Publish button.

Select sample data and click to Test with the respective data.

So you can now feel the difference and we are sure you would like the new look and feel.

We are sure this gives you additional capabilities to configure the app with different automation. In case you have any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Head to our forum to share your thoughts in our Suggestions Section.