August'22 DronaHQ Studio Updates

New Features

Import ActionFlow

This is a new feature introduced in the Studio with which you can copy/import the action flow of a trigger event and put it in action to another trigger event. The IMPORT ACTIONFLOW client-side action imports the whole actionflow from control and applies it to the different trigger events of a control.

Invoke ActionFlow

The Studio has a new INVOKE ACTIONFLOW client-side action feature that enables users to trigger events of different control from the actionflow. With this action, you can add a trigger for an action of a control in the actionflow of different control.

Auto Generation of Form

Now with this new feature of AUTO GENERATION OF FORM, it will be hassle-free to create forms in your microapp using various connectors, JSON data, CSV file uploading, and more. This enables us to build user-friendly forms faster and more effectively. In the studio, you have the option of Autogenerate Form on the fresh screen page to generate forms.

To know more about form generation via various methods refer to here.

Querying JSON using SQL

Now you can provide query to raw JSON data from data bind section. This new feature of Studio enables you to QUERY JSON USING SQL. This is helpful to query JSON values within the controls. The idea is to work on NoSQL data sources using SQL queries.

Studio allows you to utilize SQL to query your data as though they were tables in a data set. That implies you can query from various data responses and results, such as a REST API endpoint, Google Sheets connectors, and more which gives JSON data, all through SQL -like queries.

You can read more here.

External CSS

With this new feature in Studio, stay limitless when it comes to styling your controls in your microapp. You can find the EXTERNAL CSS property provided under the Info section for every control, in the studio. With this property, one can imply exclusive CSS on controls.

Read more here.


Advanced Map control

Studio has now an upgraded version of Map control which is ADVANCED MAP CONTROL. It is used to display certain locations to the user or accept a location from the user. It is very similar to the existing Map control, but the difference is that in this you can, not only search for locations or navigate to your current location using the built-in options but also can mark locations with various coordinates.

Read more here.

Table Grid

Add new Row

Under the Top Bar properties section, you get a toggle button of Add new row which enables us to add new rows of details respective to each column into our database. This helps in inserting data, making it very easy and fast, directly from the table grid control.

Read more here.