April'23 DronaHQ Updates

New Features

Studio with AI assistance

An astonishing feature from Studio to all the users towards making low-code app development more efficient and easier. With the Ask AI feature in the studio, it will allow us to generate SQL queries very quickly by just using natural language prompts.
It makes it easy to write SQL queries with minimum effort, more efficiency, and reduced error chances. To make use, we simply have to provide natural language prompts.

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Watchlist Builder View

In the builder view of the microapp, you can find the Watchlist section on the left bar. The watchlist section enables you to know about details, dependencies, and data information about keywords, controls, and variables.

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Import cURL

Studio has a feature that lets you configure Rest API by auto-filling all the API information from client URL requests. It comes very handy when you have a cURL request, you just need to paste it, and will populate all information given in cURL data for example, added authorization, the request method, headers, parameters, etc.

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Common Header- Screen

Studio enables users with a screen dedicatedly to Header. One can choose Header as a screen and build a customized header and use it everywhere in the app.

This is similar to a reusable header. will enable users to have a standard header derived from a single screen to every other screen in that particular micro-app.

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JS Objects

With the help of JavaScript programming language, Studio has the feature of JS Objects to provide users flexibility with writing reusable functions, key-value pairs, stating variables, and more, which later can be accessed in the microapp easily and recurrently with the use of keywords.

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S3 Enhancement - Custom URL, Force S3 URLs to use path style

There are enhancements made in AWS S3 connector through which you can have access to provide S3 URLs to give path style and custom endpoint base URL You can use this to connect to s3 compatible services like Digital Ocean Spaces or Wasabi

Google Cloud Storage Connector – Additional Methods

Delete File
Now delete files from your Google cloud storage using the DeleteFile method. Provide the necessary details such as – the names of the Bucket, Folder, and File – that you want to delete.

Copy File

Shift your file from one bucket to another without any effort, using the CopyFile method of Google Cloud Storage Connector. Just make sure to provide details related to the source of the file and the destination of the file, to be copied.

Configuring REST API Connectors – OAuth 1.0a

The OAuth 1.0a is a legacy authentication method. The OAuth protocol enables websites or applications (Consumers) to access Protected Resources from a web service (Service Provider) via an API, without requiring Users to disclose their Service Provider credentials to the Consumers. More generally, OAuth creates a freely-implementable and generic methodology for API authentication.

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New Connector

Open AI connector

OpenAI is a company that focuses on advanced AI research and development to provide crucial AI methods and benefits.OpenAI API with DronaHQ studio opens a vast spectrum to explore and boost your micro app with several AI-supported models.

You can know more about it from here.

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