April’22 DronaHQ updates

Studio Updates

New Features

API generator

DronaHQ studio now has a new developer tool of API GENERATOR for building custom datasets that match your use case. Read and write APIs on top of it for prototyping and testing and build apps for your API with DronaHQ.

Read more and try it out here.

Git Sync

With this new feature of GIT SYNC, it allows you to version control your apps on DronaHQ Studio by connecting them with a Git hosting provider such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more, eventually making it easier to track changes, make rollbacks or collaborate using git branches.

Read more here.

Currently available on the self-hosted version.

Connectors & Apps Permissions

All apps and connectors(resources) come with various user scopes. While some need to be available to all users and teams, some are made specifically for a particular user/ user groups. Some resources might only be useful to developers while some to marketing teams. Taking all this in consideration, now it’s super easy to manage user/group permissions for resources. By this, you can simply manage permissions for resources and even select the environments accessible to particular users as well. Find out more about the permissions here.


Dynamic database configuration

Dynamic database host

Now when you are configuring the database connectors, Studio allows you to Use dynamic database host for all databases with which users can access different hosts from a single connector and also write queries respected to the hosts.

Dynamic database name

Now when you are configuring the database connectors, Studio allows you to Use dynamic database names for all databases with which users can access different database names/tables from a single connector and also write queries with respect to the databases name/table.

Dynamic database credentials

Now when you are configuring the database connectors, Studio allows you to Use dynamic database credentials for all databases with which users can access different database names/tables from a single connector by providing credentials for each and also write queries respective to the databases name/table.

Click here to read more.

Microsoft SQL – TDS version and SQL server proxy host

With this enhancement of the Microsoft SQL database connector to choose the TDS version, you get the application-level protocol for transferring requests and responses between clients and database server systems. The versions of TDS are used to make the server compatible with the project.

You can read more here.

On DronaHQ Studio while configuring the Microsoft SQL connector, you can now also set the SQL server proxy host which will provide a secure gateway between the client and the target SQL server.

You can read more here.

Clear option in Dropdown and Date Time Control

We have enhancements to our Dropdown, Data, and Time controls of CLEAR OPTION. You can now clear the selected options from the Dropdown control and date and time from the Date and Time controls respectively.

S3 Content Type Support

When uploading files to AWS S3, the link generated didn’t help preview the uploaded file instead downloaded it in case no content type is set by default. Now this issue is solved as an additional parameter of content type is introduced for AWS S3 connector. Users can specify the content types and to know more about content types , refer here.

JS Sync

While using JS block in actionflow, situations may arise when there are some asynchronous tasks, like fetching data from an API, handling promises and so on. Now you can do this synchronously without any additional code. Simply write your Javascript logic in Js block and the rest will be handled by us. Once the process is over, the output generated will be automatically updated everywhere it is binded.

Click action enabled in pagination

Pagination control lets you separate the pagination interface from the tablegrid control. Now pagination control comes with an added action named Page_change. You can create actionflows that come to action wherever the page is changed using pagination control. It can be used to fetch data dynamically and many more such use cases.


Google bulk insert

Google sheets connector now comes with an additional option of add multiple rows. This option comes to help when you want to add multiple rows to Google sheet. We simply have to select all the columns to bind and multiple rows are added to your google sheet based on the selected columns. Find out more here.

Live variable + RESP

Now it’s super easy to pick the right variables to use in your Connectors Request response. When you BIND a control/variable to connectors input, its value is reflected in the value field based on the latest response. Also when you click on refresh response, its value is automatically populated in its desired field.

Quick Filter in Server side paging

When server side pagination was turned on in tablegrid control earlier, the quick filter option was disabled. But now, you can use a quick filter along with the pagination turned on.

New Connectors

SMTP Connector

Sending emails from all of your favorite emailing service providers like Gmail, Outlook, SendGrid, Amazon SES, etc. is now very easy from your app with this new SMTP CONNECTOR.


Read more here.

Vertica Connector

Vertica which gives a top-tier, unified analytics platform that will always be free of the hidden framework is now available in the studio as VERTICA CONNECTOR. Connecting Studio to Vertica lets you construct UIs rapidly on top of your Vertica information. For instance, you could fabricate an instrument to adjust metadata tables.

Read more here.

New Controls


So, do you want to display a list of events in your app? With this new control of TIMELINE, we got you covered. It consists of a vertical list, to display events along with dates and times. It is a custom control for displaying list data in a timeline.

It supports the HTML rendering of entries, event grouping, and group sorting.

Read more here.

CheckBox Tree

DronaHQ studio has introduced a new control of CHECKBOX TREE which is a multi-level checkbox control with various elements having a parent-child relationship between them. Users can get many binary choices to make.

You can read more here.


The Calendar control is a display control that is used to provide calendar interface in apps. You can add meeting links, schedules and more such information in the form of tasks. Also there are different views available like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. For each task, there can be at max 4 user defined action buttons, each customizable with icon support. You can create actionflows for these 4 task buttons as well as when a new task is created and when a schedule is clicked. Its useful in various applications,

Self-Hosted Updates

DronaHQ Self-Hosted

We have launched a docker version of DronaHQ with which you can now deploy an airtight self-hosted version of DronaHQ within your own infrastructure. You get a single-click installation. All your data stays within the system.

You can read more about installation here.

Connectors and Extending APIs

The Self-Hosted version of DronaHQ now has the support for installing connectors with various supported authentication methods and also extending APIs for installed connectors.

There are mainly 4 major API authentication supports on the Self-Hosted version.

  1. OAuth V2

  2. Basic Authentication

  3. API Key Authentication

  4. AWS Authentication

You can read more here.

App templates

You now get templates for your apps in the Self-Hosted version, which provides you with ready functionality and speeds up your development process even further. You simply need to update the template to customize the application to match your requirement without building it from scratch.